My Routines: Summer 2019

Since I was going on about the importance of a morning and evening routine in my last post, I figured it only fair to share what my summertime routine looks like (more about winter months here). I hope this inspires you to create a morning routine that energizes and an evening routine that relaxes you.

Morning Routine

  • Mindful wake-up: This includes either a meditation, mindful body scan, stretch, or dream recall (or record when I’m really on top of my game).
  • Walk around the block: I, personally, prefer this to be a leisurely stroll as opposed to a moment for exercise.
  • Check in with messages in texts or on Instagram while drinking celery juice: I really enjoy connecting with people via social media and find it energizing and celery juice has done wonders for healing my skin (more on that later).
  • 20-30 minutes of yoga: I love the Down Dog app
  • Breakfast: I’m currently feeling smoothies and cauliflower grits.
  • Work begins: Need I say more? 😏
  • Ok, I do need to say more. Sometimes I also indulge in a late morning cup of joe. *insert swooning face here*

Evening Routine

  • Adult time out: 10 minutes no phone, music, or tv. Just laying in bed or on my yoga mat watching where my thoughts wander and gently refocusing on the breath every couple of minutes.
  • 20-30 minutes of yoga: Only if I wasn’t able to in the morning.
  • Read: This is usually brain candy; I’m a sucker for a good mystery. Most days I consider it a win if I can squeak in just 10 minutes to read.
  • Prepare dinner: My husband and I share this responsibility, so if he takes the lead, I get to read longer or watch one of my shows. (Helloooo Project Runway!)
  • Quality time: Whether it’s enjoying a shared favorite show or movie, conversation, or an evening stroll around the block, the best nights are those spent connected with my support system.

Disclaimer: If my morning and evening routines go just as described 4-5 days a week, I know it’s a great week. It’s important to manage our expectations when implementing new habits and allow for flexibility while maintaining the discipline needed to make these routines second nature. And if your routine feels like a chore, revise it! You get to make the rules. 😊

I love hearing about how other people start and end their days, so please share your routines if you’re moved to do so or show a little routine love by liking this post. 💛

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