Failure Is Our Friend

It never feels like it in the moment, but failure is really a friend worth celebrating as long as we remember that really great friends will challenge us.

Instead of allowing thoughts of failure to spiral into a never ending abyss, we have to be willing to release the frustration or sadness that often escorts failure into our hearts and slow down long enough to gain the wisdom from failure’s teachings — to reframe our perspective.

At first the failure of a missed promotion at work, for example, may make us feel resentful or inadequate, but once we allow ourselves time to sit with and process our emotions, we are primed and ready to learn the teachings this failure is meant to provide. We could be meant to learn that the job wasn’t really best suited for us or perhaps to better handle setbacks with grace.

Failure is humbling if we allow it to be and when we do, it will always lead to success. Keep in mind that the negative thoughts might always be our first response (those neuropathways are strong after all!), but that doesn’t mean that we’re failing. It means we’re human beings who are meant to learn and grow all the days of our lives.

Who’s ready to flip the script? Instead of self-hating or loathing, reflect: What lessons is your inner critic trying to teach you?