• Certified Wellness Coach and Educator
  • Expert with Simple Habit
  • Master Level Mindfulness Practioner (expected May 2023)
  • H.A.E.S. & Non-Restrictive Lifestyle Advocate
  • Specializes in elimination diet protocol and support

Hi! I’m Daniela Burkiewicz, the founder of Outlook Good, Feel Good Wellness Coaching, and I’m a certified wellness coach through the IAWP and have been a public educator for over a decade in Illinois with a Master’s degree in English. This unique background enables me to analyze the complex, unique story of an individual’s health obstacles as I help them go from running on empty to a more relaxed, healthy version of themselves.

As a holistic wellness coach, I care about the whole picture.

Maybe your doctor is telling you that you need to make x number of changes to your lifestyle, but then you’re left scrambling to figure out how to make it work.

Or maybe you’re proactively setting goals for yourself because you don’t like the path you’re headed down but find it challenging to stick to the promises you made yourself sometimes.

I’ve helped clients in both scenarios, and I’m all about guiding you through the sometimes overwhelming and often contradictory wellness world. I believe everyone deserves to live their healthiest life and that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be restrictive. Living a healthy lifestyle should feel good, not daunting.

When I’m not helping people lead a more mindful life through my online courses and wellness coaching, you can find me teaching high schoolers at Dundee-Crown, reading all the things, experimenting with new recipes, or binge-watching my latest streaming obsession. Yep, I’m a cool, real person (just like you). 😉

In any given moment we have two options: To step forward into growth or step back into safety. – Abraham Maslow