Why Are Routines So Important?

If you’re anything like me, most mornings you hustle out the door so fast that you’re lucky if you remember to grab the coffee you brewed for yourself. 🤦

Some mornings will be like that, and that, of course, is ok. That’s life. But whenever possible, consciously starting our morning with a calming routine we’ve created for ourselves can be a powerhouse when on the road to transforming our health — our energy in particular.

Routines & Stress

Stress is a crazy thing. While we often refer to stress as an emotion, it also triggers a chain of physiological reactions in our body that can be incredibly harmful especially when our stress goes unchecked. From heart disease to autoimmune disease to diabetes, we can lower our risk if we manage our chronic stress, and one way to do that is to implement a morning routine.

Benefits of a Routine

Cathryn Lavery has an awesome article on the topic of morning routines that’s worth checking out, but here are some things I noticed in adopting my morning and evening routine:

On days I actually follow my routine (no one is perfect and I only follow mine 4-5 days a week on average) I am…

  • more productive at work and personally.
  • calmer and more capable of handling setbacks.
  • creatively productive.
  • better able to enjoy quality time with loved ones.
  • energized.

These are weighty claims and, however anecdotal, routines have drastically impacted my quality of life. (My blood results confirm this healthy lifestyle shift.)

Evaluating Your Morning OR Evening Routine

The hours of 6-10, whether it’s AM or PM, are best for self-care, recovery, and rest. Ever notice that when you’re camping or out in the country, these are usually quieter hours? Tapping into and syncing with these natural rhythms helps bring our bodies back into balance, and as we’ve come to learn through numerous studies, the natural world is healing for humans.

All of this is just to say that no matter how hectic your mornings and/or evenings are, you have a routine. The question is, does that routine serve you? That’s a hard question to answer, but if you find yourself feeling sluggish, foggy brained, unfocused, or quick to frazzle, it’s usually a good indicator that you need to build in a moment for yourself on the regular, and the morning and/or evening is the best time to do it.

Call It What You Wanna Call It

Call it unwinding, self-care, me-time, or (insert energizing synonym here), but the proof is in the research (but this user friendly read is equally credible). Stress should and needs to be taken seriously if we want to live a long and full life, and taking care of yourself routinely helps make that dream a reality.

Want to take a behind the scenes peek into my morning and evening routine?

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