Perspective Matters

Perspective really does matter. It’s not just some old-school saying we should let travel through and out our ears. How often do we get caught up with what’s going on around us that we forget to focus on what’s right in front of us?

When we pause to enjoy the present moment – what’s right here, right now – beauty becomes apparent.

Parking lot view (sorry, for the poor quality. I had to screen shot this from my Instagram account.)
View when slowing down to enjoy the beauty of the present moment.

With these photos, for example, I was so caught up with where I wanted to go that I overlooked the beauty at my feet. I must have walked past this plant half a dozen times before I realized it was there. And somebody took care – time and effort – to plan and plant its existence. For days all it was to me was a parking lot until I slowed down, or rather my husband inspired me to, to appreciate its simple beauty.

Exercise To Try-On:

Can you mindfully walk a familiar path today with a curious mind? What do you notice when you slow down that you may have otherwise missed? Or maybe you’ve numbed out of a conversation right now or quality time with loved ones to see this post. Can you put down the phone, or step away from the computer to fully immerse yourself in this moment? Now that’s the way to kick off a week right. 😏🎉