WTF: Reframing

Often times the key to success is to see it differently — whatever “it” may be. Just like “WTF” can become “where’s the fun,“ so much of our lives can be reframed to push us to a place of growth.

Our mind-body connection is fueled by the same 4 step cycle: see, feel, do, get. How we see things impacts how we feel, influencing what we do, and what we ultimately get. And the cycle repeats because what we get often dictates how we see things.

For example, if we believe we don’t have enough time, everything we see gets filtered through that lens. Therefore, we feel exhausted by all we have to do and adding anything to our to-do lists becomes incredibility overwhelming. Naturally we become more irritable because things continue to pile onto our to-do lists, and we ultimately get burnt out or get that irritability back from our loved ones who have picked up on that energy from us. And then the cycle continues.

So whether you are trying to get healthier, find a new job, or resolve a relationship with a loved one, try to reframe one negative thought that keeps creeping up – not to ignore your feelings but – to remind yourself that there’s much to be grateful for each day. Give yourself permission to address that difficult original thought or emotion too. Can you sit with it long enough to let it teach you something? #doubledogdareyouto 

Need help reframing a negative headspace? See last weeks post for tips.

Cheers to the work week ahead; I hope you find the fun! ❤️

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