Is energy like toothpaste?

You know what it’s like when you run out of toothpaste — how you squeeze the tube from every angle and roll it up from the bottom in an effort to get every last bit out? Yeah, we can’t do that with our energy. 😆 Toothpaste and minding your energy are both essential parts of taking care of yourself, but unlike toothpaste, energy is a little more complicated than going to the store to get more of it.

Most of us know we don’t really need that afternoon coffee or pre-workout, but we opt for them because it’s easier than what we perceive the alternative to be. 

And the alternative offers lasting energy whereas the quick fix is just that — quick. The energy we get from these fast fuel sources is temporary

Now I’m not asking you to give up your coffee…I’m not a monster. 😆 But I am saying you don’t have to depend on it.

Feeling energetic doesn’t have to be so hard. 

The Solution:

Eat whole foods and make time for real relaxation. Start small. Add in one more serving of vegetables to your day or one more minute of meditation. Try it for the next three months, and see how you feel. (Spoiler Alert: You’re going to feel good!) And if your inner critic is trying to convince you these small efforts won’t be enough, shut that shit down quick because underestimating the value of your efforts is soooo last year. 😉

It’s all about the perspective shift.

Let’s say you don’t have a meditation habit right now, so you practice daily for one minute…but not every day because nobody’s perfect and life happens. So we’re estimating about 300 minutes of practice within the next year, right?

That means that the tiny meditation habit your ego tried to tell you “wasn’t enough,” bought you an extra five hours of deeply nourishing me time (not to mention a serious rewriting of the brain)! FIVE. HOURS.

Can you even believe you almost left that much healing on the table because of the “not enough,” story of lack you were telling yourself?!

Now what?

If you’re looking for more perspective shifts, claim your seat at next month’s Energy Workshop. Shoot me an email, and we’ll get this party started!

Don’t trust yourself to follow through with these mini upgrades? Email me at to learn more about accountability coaching.

And if you felt personally attacked earlier by my suggestion to ditch the pre-workout, try the all-natural pre-workout solution below. It offers all of the recovery benefits without any of the chemical pollutants you’ll find in almost every pre-workout powder.

Can you tell I’m a fan of options? 😜

Coco Green Goddess Pre-Workout Energy Drink


  • 16 ounces coconut water
  • 1/2 tsp Spirulina powder or 500 mg Spirulina tablet

DIRECTIONS: Mix your tsp of spirulina powder in 16 ounces of coconut water in a lidded bottle and shake until combined. If you can’t stand the taste of spirulina, take one 500 mg tablet of spirulina with your coconut water 20 minutes before your workout.

WHY IT WORKS: Coconut water is rich in potassium which helps with muscle recovery, and spirulina contains 8 out of the 10 amino acids your body needs plus energy powerhouse B vitamins including B1, B2, and B6 AND magnesium to boot. A clean energy drink? Yes, please!