How is it that not all calories are created equal, but we strive for food neutrality?

Food neutrality. We’re supposed to have it while listening to our bodies and still eat nutritious meals every day. 

But hooooow?! 

It feels like a lot to juggle, but any good coach knows that you don’t tackle it all at once. So let’s break down a quick exercise you can start to implement this week to break through the noise of “eat this, not that” culture:


During next week’s meal planning session, resist the urge to restrict any food for the whole week. 


Take a deep breath before each meal as you experiment with eating foods you consider both “bad” and “good.” 

Notice what kind of judgments show up. Look for patterns.  (Ex. eating a burger makes me feel like I need to exercise longer tomorrow, but I feel proud of myself for eating broccoli.)


Get curious about where these beliefs come from. Are they from fear or love? (more on what to do with this another day)

But here’s the most important step: Celebrate yourself for holding yourself accountable. 

What’s the purpose of this exercise?

All foods are emotionally equivalent even if they are not nutritionally equivalent, and by acknowledging your judgments around all foods, you uncover the internal food police and have the opportunity to evaluate whether these food police are really serving you. 

Watching what you eat is like police watching a prisoner. Not only is it a full-time job, but it creates this really weird dynamic of being both the jailer and the jailed.  But you can break yourself out of this unique little prison of horrors if you let yourself trust the five-step process above. 💓

So who’s down to give it a go? Who’s feeling weary? My inbox is open!