3 Strategic Moves to Make Your Healthy Habit Stick

It’s been a MONTH, hasn’t it?

It’s easy to get excited about the possibilities each new year brings. Sadly, running out of steam when it comes to personal goals is inevitable for so many people –  hence why the average American gives up on their new year’s resolutions after just 32 days (source). 🤯 

But not in this corner of the internet! 💪 Today, I’m dropping in to share my top three tips for sticking with your goals without adding unnecessary stress to your full plate.

3 Strategic Moves to Make Now

  1. Know how you’re going to celebrate yourself. Celebrating your effort is essential for automating habits. So whether you’re trying to floss daily or exercise more, be prepared to celebrate yourself immediately following your practice for at least the first month or so. This will enable you to work with your brain’s built-in reward system ensuring you’ll want to keep practicing your new habit.
  2. Start small. I mean, really small. Smaller than you would think. When we make new habits easier to achieve, we create momentum that makes us feel good af while making it hard to use the “lack of time” excuse. And let’s face it, people change by feeling good about themselves, not by feeling bad. If we could guilt ourselves into changing, then we would have done the damn thing already. 
  3. Attach your new habit to an existing one. No matter how well-intentioned, any habit isn’t worth much if you forget to do it. So think about a habit that you’ve already got down pat (Ex. brushing your teeth, getting dressed, buckling your seatbelt, taking off your shoes when you get home, etc.), and use that existing habit as an anchor to trigger you to practice your new habit. This strategy has proven to be more effective for routine habits than post-it notes or phone reminders (which work better for one-time actions). 

It’s all about breaking down our big dreams into manageable action steps. If this vibe resonates with you or you’re stuck in the “but how do I do that?” zone, I’d like to personally invite you to apply for 1:1 coaching. Having a guide is the best way to work through your unique experience and goals (especially when that guide has 13 years of teaching experience 😉), and there’s a package for every budget. Spots are limited and going fast!

But if you’re more of the “just hit me with the strategy” type, get yourself enrolled in Mindfully Redesigning Your Life. In less than two hours, you’ll be well on your way to creating a healthier version of yourself.

Cheers to an even healthier 2022!