Fall Into Healthy Habits

This time of year is notoriously challenging because let’s be real: it’s hard to stay on the health bandwagon! Every kind of treat available seems to appear with intense frequency and there’s little time to hit the gym the way you normally do. So what’s the trick? How do you survive the holidays without sabotaging yourself? Here are three quick tips:

1. Connect With Your Why

If we believe the famous Woody Allen quote that “80% of success is just showing up,” then we need someone or something to show up for. Therefore if you connect with why you want to be healthy, you’re more likely to stick to your health goals. (HINT: And that doesn’t necessarily mean passing on your favorite piece of pie or spending time at the gym instead of with your loved ones.)

2. Get Your Mind Right

Mindset impacts everything. Most of our actions, shockingly enough, are not conscious decisions. Our subconscious controls a great deal of what we choose to do or not. So if you are pretty sure you’re going to fail, so is your subconscious, and your brain will find ways to make sure failure happens. But what if you were certain you would be successful? Your subconscious will absolutely find ways to make sure success finds you too. Get to practicing those affirmations and begin affirming what you want to be true!

3. Join The Free 10 Day Challenge

Sometimes we need a little extra support. If that sounds like you, shoot me an email (daniela@outlookgoodfeelgood.com) to join the free Fall Into Healthy Habits Challenge starting Monday, November 11th. I’ll share with you some of my most successful mindfulness hacks to keep you healthy through the holidays!

Regardless of whether or not you sign up for the challenge, know that I’m rootin’ for ya!!