The Truth About Affirmations

My Story

Truth: I’ve always thought affirmations were ridiculous until I bought a journal that carved out space on the page layout for them. I still thought they were cheesy, but the type A side of me couldn’t afford to leave that section blank, so off I went…

Staring at a blank page contemplating what I needed to remind me was true about myself , I reluctantly scrawled my first affirmation and felt a little lighter (and stronger?) all at once. And so the critic in me was forced to shut her mouth and give this thing an honest effort.

These affirmations can change from month to month, day to day, or even line by line (my journal’s instructions were to write them 3 times each) which is why I think this practice really grew on me: It’s flexible. And while I personally haven’t been able to make writing my affirmations a daily practice (yet! #goals), but I do repeat them to myself daily, and it has dramatically changed my outlook on life.

I’ve found that even when things got busy or chaotic, this truth (affirmation) wouldn’t get lost. In fact, that’s precisely when I’d say it back to myself, reminding myself of what I value, and what I’m trying to achieve rather than allowing the critic in my mind to take center stage, judging me for not being enough, which is why this affirmation has stuck with me for so long:

“I am on a health journey, and I don’t need to arrive at any specific time; I just need to seek the good along the way.”

– dab

In the past year, I’ve only formally practiced writing my affirmations 37 days and this affirmation shows up every couple of pages. It has become a mantra I strive to live by in all that I do and with very little effort, I began to transform my life.

Your Turn

It’s helpful to choose a journal and/or writing utensil that sparks joy when you see it; you’ll be more willing to pick it up and practice that way!

Willing to give it a shot? Grab any notebook and let honesty flow from your pen: What is true about the way you want to live your life? Try to come back to that notebook as much as feels comfortable and notice the patterns that emerge. Are you coming back to the same affirmation over and again like I did? If so, celebrate the ownership you’ve taken over your own healing. If your affirmations are different every time, celebrate your complexities and search for the ones that really empower you to repeat periodically.

Feeling skeptical? Reach out below; I’m happy to answer questions you might have.

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