Affirmations: The Why Behind, How To Do It, and What To Say

One way to reaffirm our goals is by repeating affirmations either through writing or speaking them aloud. The trick? You have to believe what you’re saying.

The Why Behind

By practicing affirmations, research has shown that one’s feelings of self-worth improves as does their ability to respond to threats. This uncovered three main psychological explanations for why self-affirmation is beneficial: 1. We enjoy thinking about our values; 2. It helps refocus us on our values when we’re feeling threatened by failure, and 3. When our self-worth is reaffirmed, we are better able to regulate our emotions, making us less susceptible to caving in and breaking our healthy lifestyle habits.

How To Do It

What is something you believe is true but need to remind yourself of? That is the basis of your affirmation practice, and these affirmations may change from day to day. Whether you write them out in a journal that brings you joy three times or speak them aloud/to yourself three times, you’re strengthening the neuropathway responsible for that belief, making it one step closer to becoming your automatic state.

If thoughts of doubt are creeping in or you feel like this practice is cheesy (like I once did!), you may enjoy this blog post. It helps put things into perspective. So the next time you’re in danger of falling off track or even if you already have, hit the pause button and take a moment for your affirmation practice. Here are some I’ve found helpful, but these are meant to inspire rather than limit. So if you have an affirmation you’d like to use instead, go for it!

What To Say

  • I am on a health journey. I don’t need to arrive at any specific time; I just have to find joy along the way.
  • I will listen to my body and choose rest over productivity when necessary.
  • My physical body does not define who I am; my actions do.
  • I am grateful for my health. 
  • I am capable of more than I give myself credit for.

So grab a cup of your favorite tea, and start affirming. What are some affirmations you love? Share them below!

Not quite ready? I wasn’t either. Read about how I went from a critic to an advocate here.

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