Heal Yourself, Heal The World

I’ve always been taught that writing from the heart is the best way to heal ourselves and the world and that when you do, the people who need your voice will find you. So I hope this post finds you today because the words provide the hug (or smack for tough love fans 😏) you needed to wake up to what you need to do:

People don’t like their flaws spotlighted, and why would we when we work so hard to hide them from ourselves? But a good outlook means nothing unless we’re willing to face our own shortcomings — to understand them, make peace with them, and use them as teachers to guide us to where we need and want to be. Because if we don’t, the less evolved will try to use them as weapons against us, and we will get hurt and derailed every time.

Life isn’t about positivity at all costs. It’s about understanding the beauty and abundance that comes with that outlook, and honoring the “negative” emotions, thoughts, and actions when they arrive wherever they meet us— to greet them with open arms and embrace the lessons no matter how difficult they may be. Setting the ego aside is easier said than done though, right? So how do we do it?

Instead of pointing a finger at everyone/thing else that is the potential problem, can we first point it in the mirror? And when we do, can we be strong enough to seek understanding. It will not be easy. We will not figure it out overnight. But we will be better human beings for it, and it is the only way to act with love and grace consistently — to truly leave this world better than we found it. I’m still learning. Will you learn with me? Grab a pen. Pause your scrolling. What are your negative qualities trying to teach you? Will you make time to listen?

Imagine how transformed the world would be if each of us could pause long enough to regularly reflect on our weaknesses without shame but with a curious heart, seeking betterment. I believe we can do it. Let’s try.