How To Bust Out Of Food Prison

Easter is right around the corner, so you know what’s on my mind…food. 😆

But for the third year in a row, I’m no longer doing the mental math of trying to determine how much I need to starve myself this week in order to eat whatever the hell I want on Sunday. 

Whether I was counting calories or macros, the week before every holiday used to stress me tf out. (except maybe groundhog day lol) It was a prison of my own making. 

But your girl is free now, and spilling the tea!

Remember the exercise I shared with you last month? 

The Day Has Come: Breaking Down Step 4

As the exercise implies, repeated judgments correlate with beliefs, and the more awareness we have of our beliefs, the more confidently we can choose the beliefs we hold close to heart.  But I don’t think many people would rank food police at the top of their moral code, yet an inordinate amount of thoughts (for those of us who have ridden the diet rollercoaster) tend to be policing in nature. 

Where did these food police come from? 

There are three categories of food police: Some of them come from culturally reinforced beauty standards (EX: marketing that encourages us to “get our bikini body” by doing x) and other food police come in the form of well-meaning family members or friends (EX: You look great! Have you lost weight?! Which implies you didn’t look great at a heavier weight). The third division of food police includes internalized voices of your past (that comment your doctor made that haunts you, playground bullying etc.). What do all these food police have in common?

None of them are really your voice. And you were born with a voice you can trust. The volume may be turned really low right now, but she’s in there somewhere dying to be heard. Ok so dying to be heard may be a tad dramatic, but my mom always did say I had a flair for the dramatics…

However, it is important to be in touch with our authentic voice. If we don’t challenge our inner food police, we end up falsely imprisoned. But, that’s a coaching session for another email. 😉

Your Homework:

So I encourage you to challenge your inner food police for the next couple of weeks. See how often they show up. How can you stop them from dragging you right back into that prison we call diet culture?