Health At Every Size: A Wellness Coach’s Perspective

Real Moment Monday: I saw this picture for the first time a couple months back and cried, and I cried because I thought this body was “bad”.

But it’s not is it? It works so damn hard for me every single day, and I am genuinely grateful for that, but I still have these moments of irrational disgust for my body because it’s in a bigger form. And then when I stop to think that this body still benefits from skinny privilege, I get even more down because I know I don’t even have it that bad.

This 👆🏼 is a mind run wild. And it’s exactly why we need to practice mindfulness and what a consistent practice looks like sometimes. It’s not all peace and love and kumbaya, nor is it a magical fix because healing is not linear. We all take two steps forward and one back.

Not to mention that health can look soft, skinny, or muscular. There’s no one right way to be healthy. The proof is always in the bloodwork and less-so in the mirror.

So, the next time your mind tailspins into the danger zone whether it’s about how your body looks or how much stress you’re experiencing, try interrupting it with a moment of gratitude. Relentlessly bring up gratitude over and over (and over) again until you start to remember how beautiful this life really is. ❤️