A Mindful Moment EVERYONE Can Enjoy

Sometimes I think we like to complicate things in order to convince ourselves that something isn’t for us. So, here’s a friendly challenge to check-in with yourself: Are you resisting a mindfulness practice?

To prove that this mindfulness thing isn’t so bad after all: As you’re holding your phone in your hand right now, pause to notice the weight and feel of it.

Boom! You just rocked a mindful moment. Practicing mindfulness can be as informal and quick as that!

Where are my over-achievers at? Extend your mindfulness practice by taking one deep breath then sigh it out. For real. Do it. Don’t just read the words. 😉 Fill those lungs up slowly and steadily. Then, in the same manner, sigh out all that air. Now gently shift your attention to your surroundings. What’s going on around you? What do you see and hear? Take it in like a camera would – not judging, just acknowledging and recording the facts.

Not so bad, right? That last “not judging” part takes practice, especially when it comes to your thoughts, but now that you know how easy it is to practice, you’re well on your way to better managing your stress and accepting the situation you’re in. Where else can you work in a mindful moment today? ❤️