Why being grounded is the best

Isn’t it funny how a word changes depending on your phase of life? Remember when being “grounded” was the worst? Aside from having a low key evening at home being the best treat of all, now if someone were to say, “you’re grounded,” I would take it as a huge compliment! 🤣 #timeschange

Simple Self Assessment: How grounded are you?

Don’t feel like both feet are firmly planted on the ground? Do a self check-in:

  1. Will taking a step back from whatever is driving you crazy help you to see the situation with fresh eyes?
  2. Or maybe you have some new knowledge you have acquired recently; can you apply it to a current situation that you’re not feeling so great about?

Even if answers to the questions above don’t flow freely, be patient with yourself. This is a process and favoring the process over perfection will always keep you on the road to healing!

Long Story Short

I’m rootin’ for all my grounded people out there! May this week bring you peace and, if necessary, the ability to withstand whatever comes your way. Stay grounded, my friends! 💕