One Hot Towel Away From Relaxation

"You must carve out a moment to yourself every single day." The first time I heard that statement I thought yeah, right. I couldn't possibly squeeze another ounce out of my day without feeling completely drained, and I was already feeling tired all the time. Turns out, that's exactly the reason why I needed to hold myself accountable to build in self-care everyday.

Healthy Eating On The Go

If you're like most people, you're busy. And when you're busy, you need food fast because, well, you've been busy. So how do you eat healthy while living your best life? It all comes down to understanding your options for healthy eating on-the-go.

Four Steps To A Less Busy (But More Fulfilling) Life

Being busy can be healthy, but being “too busy” isn't. Being active and engaged and inspired, yes that’s healthy too. Being drained, overwhelmed and stressed out is not. It’s a fine line and most of us have crossed over it. Today being too busy causes people to feel less connected, creates children who are stressed at young ages and fosters a world where we feel spiritually, emotionally and physically “off”.  We feel all this, yet we don’t do anything about it. Or, at least, don’t think we can.