Four Keys To Maintaining A Successful Mindfulness Practice This Holiday Season

The times we are living through are intense without the added pressure of the holiday season, and that’s why the tools that mindfulness practices provide are even more relevant today. Mindfulness has been proven, over and over again, to help people feel calmer, more resilient, and happier. So here are 4 keys to successful mindfulness practices. How many are you in the habit of?

1. Practice formal meditation – even if it’s just one minute a day. You can’t learn how to be mindful just by reading a book or watching a video clip. In order to really learn the skill of mindfulness, you just have to practice. And I love you but consider that saying “I’m just not the meditating type” is an excuse for not wanting to be bad at something new. 

2. Aim for consistency. Fitting in your practice at roughly the same time each day is a game changer, but know thyself. If waking up early is a struggle for you, don’t schedule your one minute of mindfulness first thing in the morning. Even if your practice is just one minute, it’s important to work with your strengths instead of against them. So, where during your day is the optimal time to hold yourself accountable this holiday season? Remember that this practice slot will likely change several times throughout the year. And don’t forget: If you miss a day, your inner critic is not allowed to b*tch you out about it. Notice that you missed the practice and accept it. Then get back to practicing. 

3. Bring the practices into your daily life. In my course Room to Breathe, there’s a heavy emphasis on being mindful in everyday moments, and that’s because learning to meditate is really about how we bring what we learn during meditation into our daily lives. It’s about how we’re relating to the world and how we can have a better relationship with what happens in our lives.

4. And finally, have fun. Don’t take your practice too seriously. Instead, use your meditation practice as a playground or as an exploration for getting to know yourself. 

Which key do you want to work on this holiday season? I’m rootin’ for ya!