Grow Your Values

“Growth is the only evidence of life.” John Henry Newman •

Whether growing a garden or personal growth, spring seems like a natural time to reconnect with our goals. What do you value? How can you grow that value so that you live that truth daily?

Energy flows where attention goes, so if you aren’t clear on your values, it becomes increasingly difficult to reach your goals. Instead of proactively working toward what you want, you’re likely using up all your precious energy reacting to what’s right in front of you which is not the best strategy to evoke any lasting change.

It’s important to remember when cultivating a new hobby or habit that it’s very fragile early on. It takes time and attention to see it through, so try to remember to be patient with yourself if things don’t work out exactly as you planned.

In order to analyze why things might be going awry, your must first know that behavior change requires the perfect mix of motivation, ability, and prompting. If your motivation is low, then your ability must be high. And if there is not prompting to remind you to practice that hobby or habit, then it doesn’t matter what your motivation and ability are, it just won’t happen. So, stop beating yourself up, and start getting clear on what’s really going on. Then watch your life blossom!

PS If that all seems too overwhelming to figure out on your own, find yourself a health coach to help you along the way!