Why do we keep going on diets even though we know they don’t work?

It’s kinda messed up, right? Most of America is in an abusive relationship with dieting. We know they’re not good for us, but they tempt us with their promises of “This time will be different,” so we run lovingly back into their arms only to be disappointed all over again. 

So why do we do it? It’s not much different than any other abusive relationship. We keep going back to diets out of fear of not being enough. Whether you want to change your body so that it is more fit or trim, you’re still seeking to change your body instead of showing gratitude for all that it already does. Diet culture banks on us operating from fear because it’s that very fear of not being good enough that will keep us unsuccessful and continually buying what the multi-billion dollar diet industry is selling. 

If 2020 is the year of clearer vision, I think we deserve to wake up from this trash way of living and be courageous enough to radically love each iteration of our body. It may not come easy, but I promise you it is possible. When we are motivated by love, we can break any cycle. But first, we need to remember how to love ourselves. 

But what about my health?  

Most of the diseases and chronic ailments we experience are messages to us about how we have lived our lives. We can try to cover them up, treating just the symptoms, or we can ask ourselves a new question: What is this weight here to teach me about myself?

We are presented with limiting beliefs like “If I don’t lose this weight, I’ll be so unhealthy,” so that we can grow, not get stuck in the belief. The body is always communicating with us, each and every day it is telling us what it needs. We just have to remember to listen. 

A New Perspective on Weight Gain

Consider that weight gain is actually a message your body is sending you. And if you try to control it by depriving yourself, using willpower, or restricting yourself, you are only making the situation worse. What is needed is expansion — a new outlook, an open mind, the willingness to learn and grow.

If your weight is a message to you, then what is the message? It is different for every person.

Some examples of messages that come in the form of extra pounds:

  • I need to slow down.
  • I need to love myself.
  • I need more balance.
  • I need more nourishment.
  • I need to change my old belief system that is no longer serving me.
  • I need to honor myself.
  • I want to feel good.
  • I want to have more energy.
  • I want to be happy.
  • I need to relax.

Wondering if you can lose weight before dealing with these other messy issues? The short answer is no. Sorry to break it to you so bluntly. 😬 Most of us have gone about it this way for years without success that sticks. We often lose weight, but the weight eventually finds its way back to us because we never address the core lesson the weight is trying to teach us.

If you’re looking for long term health and balance, you will have to take a deeper look. Anyone can figure out how to burn calories with a Google search, diet book, gym membership, or healthy subscription.  But shedding extra pounds is not just about counting calories, macros, or points because if it were, we’d reach our health goals and stay there. It’s about releasing the belief that you aren’t already good enough just the way you are because when you do that, the weight will release too. 

Are you ready to be thankful for your body this new year? I’m here for you when you are. 🤟🏼