Calling All Recovering Perfectionists

A wise, old friend of mine has this hanging in her place, and it left me feeling inspired. What could be more true?

As a recovering perfectionist myself, simple reminders like this are so powerful. It takes time to build new neural pathways to believe progress is more important than perfection, but with a little patience it can happen. And it literally can be applied to every single aspect of life: mastering a recipe, incorporating a sustainable exercise routine, maintaining healthy relationships, building a wardrobe you love, decorating your home, the list goes on. From the crucial to the mundane, this sign offers wisdom I hope you carry with you into your week. And I hope it’s wonderful!

P.S. If you’re feeling like you’ve been patient and it just isn’t working, let’s chat! I’ve coached many people who didn’t think it was possible and are now living their best balanced lives. Email me with a simple, “I want to know more,” and you’ll get the hook up!