From Surviving To Thriving In One Exercise

Ever notice how despite your best intentions, you can’t make your health habits stick? This is because much of what we do is controlled by our subconscious mind, making it crucial that we are aware of our core beliefs. If our core belief is contradictory to what we want to be true of our life, we will never reach our goals. This is where that inner work that everyone’s been talking about lately comes in.

Grab a journal or find a quiet place to reflect internally. Start with a belief you think is true of you. Then ask yourself, “If that was so, what does that mean to me?” Continue to ask this question until you arrive at your core belief. Then create an affirmation to flip the script and empower, rather than tear, yourself down, and repeat that affirmation daily.


BELIEF: I am afraid to speak up in front of my colleagues. If that was so, what does that mean to me?

DIGGING DEEPER: I don’t want to be wrong. If that was so, what does that mean to me?

DIGGING DEEPER STILL:People will judge me. If that was so, what does that mean to me?

CORE BELIEF: That would mean people wouldn’t like me.

FLIP THE SCRIPT WITH AN AFFIRMATION: I am stronger each time I learn to speak my mind regardless of what anyone else thinks.


What we think about ourselves and the world around us matters, but when our thoughts are overly critical, they don’t serve us; they hold us back. Sometimes we aren’t completely aware of our core beliefs because they’re subconscious but with a little digging, they can be uncovered. Uncovering them isn’t enough though. We have to reprogram our subconscious with positive thoughts (hence the affirmation practice).

Any questions about this cognitive behavior technique? Don’t hesitate to reach out!