The Reality of Self-Care Routines


People have all sorts of reactions to this statement. From “that’s selfish,” to “I don’t have time for that,” we all have our reasons for avoiding the wisdom of the statement above. But if we carved out even just two minutes for ourselves each day, we’d be on our way to living happier, calmer, more fulfilled lives. This practice allows us to check in with ourselves — something that seldom makes its way onto our to-do lists. 

Make it work for you:

Is there a daily routine that you dread or is in need of a mini makeover? That’s usually the best place to start. Working with previously established routines will make your moment of self care easier to do daily. 

Integrating Mini Self-Care Moments

Can you try lighting a candle before you cook and take a second for gratitude as you gaze at the flickering flame? What is one non-material thing you are thankful for — how about a person? Even if you can’t find anything to feel grateful for, try tuning in to your breath and your body’s ability to keep systems like this going without the need for much conscious attention to it.

Or maybe you enjoy a daily cup of coffee or tea; can you stop for a few moments to breathe in its aroma, consciously aware of how the mug looks on the table or counter before reaching for it, feeling its weight in your hand, and taking your first sip? 

Is there a routine you dread doing or find mundane? These are all rich opportunities for self-care. Where will your creative thinking take you?

Still Craving More?

You can read more about my experience with this exercise, or check out more about gratitude here. Although it may not seem so, having a gratitude practice can be considered a self-care practice. But remember: The best self-care practices must ensure whatever you are doing brings you joy and is in-service of you first

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