The Thanksgiving Food Hangover Cure

Feeling sluggish from all your holiday indulgences just to realize it’s only beginning? What about taking a breakfast challenge to bring life back into balance?

The premise is simple: Record what you eat for breakfast for 7-10 days and how you feel ½, 1, and 2 hours after enjoying your meal. This could truly be done for any meal of the day, but I personally prefer breakfast as it presents a time for lower variables of stress, decreased physical and psychological carry-over feelings from other meals, and limited influence of social situations altering your regular routine.

Try not to fret. This isn’t a time to change what you have for breakfast or judge yourself for your choices. Like in meditation when observing the breath, you’ll just be observing your food intake. There’s no wrong way to record (in a journal, on a piece of paper, via instagram) just as long its a place you can easily reflect upon later. Once you’ve recorded your meals for a time that feels substantial enough for you, try to journal or reflect on the process in some way. And that’s it! 

Need more structure or guidance? Try this tool I share with my clients.

Challenge accepted? 😏